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In the seventh reading ( עליה ‬, aliyah ), Laban answered Jacob that they were his daughters, his children, and his flocks, but asked what he could do about it now. [81] Instead, Laban proposed that they make a covenant, and Jacob set up a stone pillar and with his kin heaped stones, and they ate a meal by the heap. [82] Laban called it Jegar-sahadutha, but Jacob called it Galeed. [83] Laban called the heap as a witness between him and Jacob, and invoked God to watch, when they were apart, if Jacob would afflict Laban's daughters and take other wives. [84] And Laban designated the heap and the pillar as a boundary between him and Jacob; Laban would not pass over it to Jacob, and Jacob would not pass over it to Laban, to do harm. [85] Laban invoked the God of Abraham , the God of Nahor , and the God of Terah , and Jacob swore by the Fear of Isaac and offered a sacrifice . [86]

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Goldhammer threw to Steve in Lakewood, who immediately put on his loudest impersonation of a talking head: “Hey fellas. I just have one piece of advice for Kyrie Irving: Yeah, you mighta hit a big shot. You mighta won the Finals. But you’ll never be as big as Aaron’s dildo.” Yikes.

In other news, it’s a given that any Dallas edge rusher will find a way to get himself suspended, so say goodbye to David Irving for the first month of the season. This defense is worthless without him. Half the secondary left. Their two best linebackers have one working ACL between them. So much potential regression. You could hold a diving meet off my erection right now. BOINGGGGGGGGGG!

Although mastering concealer application is the key to diminishing broken facial capillaries, Greenberg says that color corrector can also help get the job done. If your capillaries are red, use a green shade, and for blue-toned ones, reach for orange.

Whether a player is chirping a fellow player or simply praying for a successful penalty kill, the box can be a harrowing place.

Depending on your Windows distribution look for “Network Connections” window in the Control Panel, right click on the interface and choose “Properties”. 

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The "wishbone" collar, which Nike pioneered for the Lakers in 1999, is being eliminated as part of new NBA Nike changeover. /QcZ21HPqh3

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Lukas Greenberg - Down The DrainLukas Greenberg - Down The DrainLukas Greenberg - Down The Drain